Miss South Carolina Teen, Dabria Aguilar

Dabria Aguilar


Social impact initiative

Dabria’s social impact initiative, “Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody,” embraces the hardships of low self-esteem and creates a space for all individuals to embody their differences and newfound love for themselves.  Dabria encourages others to be the light for others just as her highschool special needs class was for her. It takes one genuine conversation, smile, hug or dance party to change one’s perspective.

Fast facts

  1. I danced on the Ellen Show!
  2. I love shrimp tacos
  3. Once, I got to feed real-life tigers and ride on an elephant during a photoshoot!
  4. I have been dancing for 15 years and have trained under Juilliard, Boston Ballet, Nashville Ballet, and Complexions. 
  5. Dolphins and dogs are my favorite animals
  6. I am OBSESSED with Nutella

Booking options:

  1. Dance Masterclasses- Technique, Flexibility & Conditioning, Combinations
  2. Solo Performances
  3. Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody in the Classroom- Talk with students about low self-esteem, how to be the light for others and noticeable signs. Advice on overcoming low self-esteem.
  4. The Competition is Me- Seminars with athletes or those involved with competitions to address unhealthy behaviors that lead to low confidence and self-esteem issues. How to prosper in a competitive environment. 

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