James Jiang

Originally from Guangzhou, China, James Jiang did not discover his passion for dancing until his early 20’s after moving to the USA. James realized his love for dance training under international ballroom champions while living in Charlotte, SC. James specializes in International Latin, salsa and American styles of ballroom dancing. His passion for dancing drove him to conquer many challenges as a late bloomer as he went on to win multiple national competitions like Atalanta Open, New York Big Apple, Heritage dance festival to name a few. He decided to retire from the competitive sport in his early 30s and now teaches locally in the Charleston area. He also loves personalizing first dances for wedding couples. He started teaching dancing because he simply cannot live without it. Through teaching, he is able to share his experience and benefits from dancing to his students. He realizes, “the joys and positivity dancing can bring to a person, I want to share that to whomever seeks it, and the ones who did not know it is even possible.” He has also appeared in Charleston Christmas Special by Moranz Entertainment, multiple local news, guest teaching at School of the Arts, and a finalist and two time champion with his students in Dancing with the Ark Stars.

Now a father of two, James hopes to share his gift and impact all younger and older generations to come with his love and passion of Dance! After almost 2 years off the stage, James is excited to dust off his dancing shoes tonight and bring back the joy of dance through this competition with his new star! Good luck to everyone!

James is dancing with Jeanna Beasley!

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